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Er. Javaid Ahmad Wani
Head Of Department

Computer science is the real “Rocket Science” for every one that dream of becoming a scientist in the any walk of life using computers to solve problems. In computer science you will study and apply your knowledge in understanding what computers are, as how to program them, tools to write a program, the rules when converting the written program understandable by the computers, the interface between the computer and the user, the computer graphics, computer networking, managing the software database, software engineering and testing them efficiently and more. Now computers are used everywhere to reduce the manpower requirements, easy of computation and to improve the efficiency. So the scope for computer science is endless.

Computer Science and Engineering students are in high demand as far as industry recruiters are concerned. Depending upon the interest of the student, he/she may choose to go for higher studies or if employed can choose to do research, development, design, production, application, testing or management in the Information Technology industry.

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